Great #BlazersDrinkingGame Live Drunk Tweeting

Playoffs Round1 Game 5 - Blazers Vs. Phoenix Suns Rules!

Keep in mind that each "drink" should mean a decent swig of beer or mixed drink, otherwise you'd be pretty messed up.

  1. Take a drink if Camby blocks a shot. Take 2 drinks if anyone else does
  2. Take a drink if you hear the shot clock buzzer go off
  3. Take a drink if you hear 'Batum shocka locka!' from anyone.
  4. Take 5 drinks if you see Nate McMillan smile
  5. Take a drink if Mike Rice talks about food or says the word 'toof'.
  6. Take 2 drinks if Bayless sprains his ankle. Or if Camby does. Or if you see anyone limp. You'll need it.
  7. Take a drink if Juwan Howard gives the 'yeah, I fouled him' smile.
  8. Take 2 drinks if Batum gets a block on the fast break. Take 5 if Juwan Howard does.
  9. Take a drink every time Brandon Roy blows into his fist before taking a free throw.
  10. Take a drink every time Rudy hits a 3. Take an extra if he holds up 3 fingers as he goes back on D.
  11. Take a drink when you hear Roy yell trying to draw a foul.
  12. One drink every time someone calls Nic Batum "smooth" or "long." Or "Frenchie."
  13. Pound your drink if Mills or Deiner enter the game.
  14. Take a shot every time you wish Dante were in the game instead of Howard.
  15. Take a drink when Roy touches his eyebrows or side of his head.
  16. Mike Rice Jinx drink (When he praises us into incompetence)
  17. Since playoffs are around the corner... Drink if NOH,HOU,NOH,OKC,SAS,PHO,UT,DEN,DAL,or, LAL lose (in celebration!)
  18. Points in the Paint for LaMarcus & Pendergraph... a bucket = a drink. (just for LA & JP)
  19. Sip it if KGW or provider blacks out.
  20. Take a drink if Blazers go on a run and the opposing team takes a time-out.
  21. Take a drink when any Blazer gets his own rebound
  22. Take three drinks when Juwan goes coast to coast!
  23. Take a drink for an agreed upon horrible pun by either Mike
  24. Take a drink if Juwan is referred to as "Old Man River"
  25. Take a drink for a fallen compadre when a former blazer hits the court
  26. Take a drink when Andre Miller knocks down a 3 without leaving the ground
  27. Take a drink when Mike Rice calls the officials incompetent (may require consensus from your group)
  28. During home games, take a drink if the camers zooms on Free Throw Guy.
  29. Take 3 drinks if you see Darth Blazer (Cuz he's kinda awesome).
  30. Chug your drink if Mike Rice or Mike Barrett mentions the Blazers Drinking Game!!!